Kids 2 - 5.17 

Written by LEIF. Recorded by LEIF in Skippergata & in the magic wintergarden, Oslo. Mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studio, Oslo.

One day I felt lonely and I started touching my own neck and face to get some love. A lot of app-dating serves this basic need and desire for human touch. Growing up in a conservative Christian family and culture, any type of sexual contact was strictly prohibited outside of marriage. Unmarried, the only physical human warmth I had access to was the hugs of wonderful friends like Ann-Iren and the hugs from my mother; with her standing on the staircase to equalize the difference (of height) between us. The love we share with someone in a specific moment has the qualities of silver: beautiful and fragile.



Sometimes I touch myself to get some love when I´m down

Sometimes I search to find someone to give me love and fun

It´s not as bad as they told me

Cause I´m ok in Paris

All I really need is my apartment

Some herbs and some books and the hope that

That you´ll be there

So give it up


I´m fumbling for words and to find you 

And if I do it´s hard to believe that you want me

I go the woods for a hipster shoot

I drink some home-brew and you write you this

A cliché, 62


Tonight I fight my angels

Seems like I´m set out to fail

Days are like silver

I´m somewhere out there

And I´ll be ok