New Beat - 4.46 

Written by LEIF, with valuable input & ideas from Johan Nord and Lasse Saurbrey. Recorded by LEIF in Skippergata, Oslo & in a cold room in Berlin. Guitars by Hans Jørgen Undelstvedt. Mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studio, Oslo

We can never be what others want us to be. Against the forces of expectation we all work hard to carve out our own path, define our own contribution, be what our hearts tell us to be. Alone on stage throughout Germany, in front of hundreds of strangers, ironically not knowing what to expect, this has been my opening song, my statement: you want me to be something, at my best, I can never be.



You want me to be something

At my best I`ll never really be

You create a version of me

I´ll be tailored made for you


I can never feel

if I die

if I dont live


I will never be

If I die

I´m never for real


You´re living yourself

You´ll be alright

Playing the game

then die die die

You´re living yourself

Find a way

You living the game

die die die