New Beat - 4.46 

Written by LEIF, with valuable input & ideas from Johan Nord and Lasse Saurbrey. Recorded by LEIF in Skippergata, Oslo & in a cold room in Berlin. Guitars by Hans Jørgen Undelstvedt. Mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studio, Oslo

We can never be what others want us to be. Against the forces of expectation we all work hard to carve out our own path, define our own contribution, be what our hearts tell us to be. Alone on stage throughout Germany, in front of hundreds of strangers, ironically not knowing what to expect, this has been my opening song, my statement: you want me to be something, at my best, I can never be.

Kids 2 - 5.17 

Written by LEIF. Recorded by LEIF in Skippergata & in the magic wintergarden, Oslo. Mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studio, Oslo.

One day I felt lonely and I started touching my own neck and face to get some love. A lot of app-dating serves this basic need and desire for human touch. Growing up in a conservative Christian family and culture, any type of sexual contact was strictly prohibited outside of marriage. Unmarried, the only physical human warmth I had access to was the hugs of wonderful friends like Ann-Iren and the hugs from my mother; with her standing on the staircase to equalize the difference (of height) between us. The love we share with someone in a specific moment has the qualities of silver: beautiful and fragile.

Boys Who Want Love - 4.06

Written by LEIF & Daniel Tjäder, Recorded by Daniel Tjäder & LEIF in Södermalm, Stockholm, and at Tempelhof, Berlin. Mixed by Bjarne Stensli at Oslo Klang, Oslo.

Our first winter together, Daniel and I, in a basement studio in snowy Södermalm, exploring Orbital-like synthstabs, Stockholm hipsters in nearby bars making me feel like a Norwegian farmer. After running off to make it to Systembolaget in time, we started talking about the conventional notion that girls want love while boys want to play around. Agreeing that we should turn it upside down, suggesting the opposite is equally true, mirroring the real world as we saw it. The song is actually about this: Some time after a breakup, you seem to remember mostly the good things. Only when you meet again (for rebound sex), you remember why you broke up.

Integrated - 4.07

Written by LEIF. Recorded by LEIF in Skippergata & in the magic wintergarden, Oslo. Mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studio, Oslo.

Originally inspired by the band Here We Go Magic and a synth-preset in Logic. The last recordings of this song took place one night in the wintergarden, the same night the American election was coming to an end. Waking up the day after, shocked by the results of the election, feeling that this exact night the world had dramatically changed: one empire falling, others rising in the East, all of us living in the midst of conflicting narratives between the Left and the Right, moving us into unknown territories. I was sick for 3 days straight.



Detroit - 4.46

Written by LEIF & Daniel Tjäder. Recorded by Daniel Tjäder & LEIF in Södermalm, Stockholm, & at Tempelhof, Berlin. Guitar theme by Daniel Tjäder. Vocals by Suzanne Sumbundu & Rikke Normann, recorded by Morten Vee. Mixed by LEIF in Neukoln, Berlin 

Underground Resistance is the name of one of the pioneer groups in what is known as Detroit techno. They made music based on politically charged resistance towards the oppression of big corporations and merciless capitalism, which was leaving the city in decay. The song came out as a more bouncy New York House-kinda thing, but the song echoes the inspiration from UR: our need to think and act freely, and own the lives we live. Perhaps becoming more difficult by the day as the social media giants steer and lead our thinking and attention towards maximum consumption.

The World We Knew - 4.59

Written by LEIF. Recorded by LEIF in Neukoln. Mixed by LEIF & Jonas Verwijnen at Kaiku Studios, Berlin.

Language is an attempt to create order, to separate one thing from another, to create categories. It is always constructed, always a primitive little brother of the complexities of the actual world. God created everything using words. In the same way we create realities through our language and the narratives we tell ourselves and each other. The very existence of certain words becomes a proof of the realities behind them. We create a narrative that feels real, we construct a house we then live in, it becomes a city on a hill, proving itself by its very existence, echoing loudly among our peers. The echo tightens the rope, strengthens the narrative muscle, feeds its DNA, creating deep emotional roots in us. Maybe the world we knew, best case scenario, is 10-15 percent true.

Breakdown & Burnout

Written by LEIF & Daniel Tjäder. Recorded by Daniel Tjäder & LEIF in Södermalm, Stockholm, & at Tempelhof, Berlin. Mixed by Daniel Tjäder at Riddarborgen, Stockholm.

When you burn out, when you break down, when you break up, when you lose your job, when illness takes over, can we still feel excited about life? Can we feel the anticipation of potential adventure on a friday afternoon when your life is so far from perfect? The projections of how fantastic life should be is a curse on the young, the murderer of our passion, all of us burdened by our inner expectations of what life should be. Tonight, my body feels alright.

Neon Ethics - 4.08

Written by LEIF. Recorded by Bjarne Stensli & LEIF at Oslo Klang. Percussion by Rune Solheim. Whistling by Erlend Vesteraas. Mixed by Bjarne Stensli at Oslo Klang, Oslo.

On the edge of light, in the flare of neon colors in the Oslo night, the burning desire a flame in my chest, I see a cute guy in the corner, I see him dancing with his eyes closed, I will not ever feel the same, you will not ever be the same. You´ll be my heater in the cold night, don´t leave me hanging does it make it right, I love you dancing with your eyes closed, I love you feelin´ me, I love you feelin´ me.